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Every person has the right to different kinds of sexual pleasure, including thrusting and being thrusted. Embrace that right.

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About Us

The founder of Futadoll James is a lover of sex dolls as well as a hentai enthusiast.He is obsessed with futa doll,in the process of exploration, he found that a large number of inferior sex toys flooded the market.And most trusted brands produce only a few futa dolls or no. So he decided to create a futa doll brand dedicated to making world-class, high-quality futanari and hentai sex dolls.

Quality products and bold innovations

All Futadoll’s products are original design, most of the products have extreme body and fantastic shape, bold and innovative design are enough to satisfy all your fantasies and give you the ultimate sensual experience.

All our dolls are made of high quality TPE material, which feels soft and realistic. We have carefully added realistic skin textures to each doll to ensure better skin detail. Most of our products have a built-in metal skeleton for a better experience. And we have chosen safer and more environmentally friendly pigments for our products. However, this pigment is not very stable. With time and cleaning, the color of the genitals will become lighter, which is normal and will not affect the use!

We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, so our dolls will be discreetly packaged in a delicate box with a brown outer box that will not give away any of your privacy.

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